Since 1993, Intelligent Search Technology (IST) has focused on developing and enhancing the industry's fastest and most accurate searching, matching and identity resolution technology. Through continued innovation, the company now provides a complete data quality platform including matching, address validation, data profiling and a broad range of AML & Compliance offerings.

Intelligent Search Technology solutions enables customers to solve a wide array of data-driven business problems ranging from Customer Data Integration/Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, Risk Management, Public Safety, AML, Compliance and more, in some of the most demanding applications and system scenarios around. Current customers are located in multiple countries and include Global 100 organizations along with Federal and local government agencies in multiple countries.

In 1993 the company developed its signature NameSearch product which employs sophisticated algorithms and fuzzy logic to find, link, match the right data records in the right time, regardless of phonetic & spelling errors, missing words, word & character sequence variations, and other such errors.

In response to customer demand, the company launched CorrectAddress - a solution for address correction & verification, MerlinMerge for duplicate detection and record merge, and the ISTwatch products - turnkey compliance solutions for AML and OFAC applications.

Our solutions are also available in a hosted or in an ASP (Application Services Provider) offering.

Intelligent Search Technology is a part of Experian® QAS®, a leading provider of address data quality software and services.

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