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CorrectAddress can assist with address errors such as:

Noise and Extraneous Information: In many cases, addresses require extensive cleansing prior to being submitted for correction. The CorrectAddress verification engine comes fully equipped with a set of specialized sanitation routines that will eliminate any noise words or extraneous information that may be present in the input.

Sequence Variations: A significant portion of mailing errors is caused by sequence variations within input addresses. For instance, an apartment number may precede the street number, or some of the words in the input may be intermixed. CorrectAddress will handle a vast majority of such difficult cases and will retrieve the most accurate matches, despite the wrong positioning in the input data.

Spelling Errors and Missing Information: These types of errors account for many of the variations in the database. IST’s powerful, sophisticated searching and matching technology comes fully equipped with advanced comparison routines, and, as mentioned above, it uses highly accurate intelligent key building to overcome these types of problems.


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