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CorrectAddress® is a United States Postal Service® (USPS®) CASS Certifiedaddress verification solution. CorrectAddress® allows you to verify address, city, state and ZIP Codedata against the USPS® database. The validation process identifies and corrects incomplete and inaccurate address elements; ensuring only complete contact data enters your database.

CorrectAddress® also allows you to standardize address, name and organizational data for input into any internal or external facing system.

Features of address verification software:

  • Available as a self-service bulk cleanse, or customizable API
  • USPS® CASS Certified and Canada Post SERP certified
  • Delivery Point Validation (DPV®) run against every record
  • Carrier Route Codes provided for each record

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Our address verification software ensures that you can reduce your returned mail, reach customers effectively and save money during the process. CorrectAddress® can also be used in conjunction with Geocoding to establish a precise latitudinal and longitudinal location for address data.

Additional datasets may also be used in conjunction with CorectAddres®. The RDI add-on allows users to run thier file through standard address verification and determine if each address is classified as residental or commercial by the USPS®.

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