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The CorrectAddress Geocoder feature was made possible by the development of a superior searching and matching engine that extracts, loads and processes the latest TIGER/Line data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

After cleansing and matching address information to geo-locations, users can easily calculate distances between address and use the data in conjunction with various map producing software tools.

Business benefits of Correct Address with Geocoding:

  • Use geocoded addresses to delivery targeted online ads based on geographic region.
  • Determine distance to potential and existing customers to provide a heat-map of where your business is performing well or needs to target.
  • Use accurate address information for precise delivery and with routing technologies to cut back on delivery costs.
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Geocoding technology helps put your customer address information to use in a variety of unique and valuable ways. Keep your address accurate and actionable through CorrectAddress with Geocoding from Intelligent Search Technologies.

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