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Advanced Address Corrections is a CASS Certified online batch process which allows you to upload a list of names and addresses, and receive a fully validated / enhanced data file. Each file is processed through the Experian® proprietary database which fully validates contact data when there are multiple matches.

Our online platform allows you to include / exclude NCOAlink® processing & Suppression for each file run through our CASS Certified Advanced Address Corrections service.

CASS Certified address correction requirements:

  • Minimum of 100 records (not including header row)
  • Accepts .txt or .csv file formats (delimited or fixed width)
  • Processing only available for USA address data
  • Input files must include a valid name to match against the NCOALink® process

Each customer must complete an online Client Code form. You will be prompted to complete this only once, before you're first advanced address corrections service process, and requires no further action on your part.

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