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Essential Building blocks of CDI/MDM initiatives

Customer Data Integration and Master Data Management comprise a variety of processes, technology and practices with the ultimate goal of creating and maintaining a single, trustable view of customers, partners, assets and more.

Customer Data Integration is the latest approach to solving an ongoing IT challenge how to reconcile these disparate versions of the truth, from disparate systems, in differing formats, with various data characteristics.

CDI projects typically source information from various operational systems and create a new hub or registry where the most critical and commonly used components of customer data are stored. This redundant store or hub, allows other consumers of customer data to have access to the latest, complete and aggregated customer data from across the enterprise.

Some implementations consolidate or merge the information in the hub, while others more practically, retain the various instances but link the variations thereby allowing future applications and needs to be fulfilled without risk of losing valuable operational content. This index or registry-based system allows a CDI project to quickly get up & running and enable a faster ROI.

As such, a CDI program is dependent on the success with which the project identifies all the different instances of such customer data, consolidates these various records, and presents a holistic, complete view of one of the most important assets in an organization the customer.

However, data such as name, company name, address etc that comprise a customer record - is heavily prone to various types of errors and variation:

Tom > Thomas
Steve > Stephen > Steven
IBM > International Business Machines
SAP GmbH > SAP Inc
John Smith-Pearson > John Pearson > John Smithpearson
445 Hamilton Avenue > 445 Hamilton, Suite 200

Identity Resolution and Data Quality tools from Intelligent Search Technology (IST) that employ the best cleansing, validation and matching algorithms can reconcile identities, parse, validate & cleanse data so that your CDI project is guaranteed success.

Intelligent Search Technology Products utilize the best of heuristic, probabilistic, transliterative and phonetic techniques to truly provide the best in class identity resolution.

Identity Resolution
is a critical factor in the success of your CDI project, contact us to find out how IST can help ensure your project's success.

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