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Our Data Quality services allow you to upload a list of contact data for bulk validation; or implement real time validation on your website. Each service can be used in conjunction with our other services. Our free trial allows you to validate up to 50 records for selected services.

Address Validation
CASS Certified and Canada Post SERP Certified address validation. Our service is available to use for list cleaning as well as real time validation.

Make sure you have the most up to date contact data for your mailing database. Our NCOALink service references the USPS® National Change of Address database to identify and update addresses of contacts who have moved in the last 48 months.

Advanced Address Correction
Correct address data and append secondary information that was not provided via standard address verification processing.

Clean your data by flagging contacts that are deceased or address data that corresponds to prison and correctional facilities.

Merlin Merge
Remove duplicates from your database and clean your lists by using this duplicate identification and data merging tool.

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