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MerlinMerge® is deduplication software powered by advanced fuzzy matching technology. Merlinmerge® allows you to search, match and dedupe contact data elements in real time or as an online batch process.

MerlinMerge® detects duplicate customer / prospect accounts and merges them into one fully verified account entry. Our fuzzy matching technology can overcome variations due to acronyms, spelling errors, phonetic errors, word sequence and multicultural spellings.

Features of deduplication software:

  • Available as a self-service bulk cleanse
  • Fuzzy matching technology
  • Customizable scoring system to determine matching
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Our deduplication software can be used in conjunction with additional data quality solutions to ensure your database contains only high quality, up-to-date data. This process allows your organization to achieve a single customer view, and connect with each prospect on a 1:1 level.

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