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Intelligent Search Technology (IST) identity resolution tools are used by Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies to provide superior identification and matching for Criminal History, Intelligence, Warrant & Hot file search, Courts Administration, Child Protection and Immigration/Entry Alert systems. Our sophisticated algorithms overcome the errors & variations inherent in identity data, and also overcome the multi-cultural data issues faced by many law enforcement and public safety applications.

Whether a security or justice agency has formatted or unformatted data, names from a variety of cultural origins, from any country or language, Intelligent Search Technology can ensure that the right records are found, every time, and with the best response time.

Our technology is used in a variety of applications including:

CJIS/CHS: Criminal Justice Integration and Criminal History applications use IST to search and find records about criminals using identity data such as name, DoB, SSN ( or other ID number) and identifying attributes such as hair color, height etc. Our software quickly relates criminal history to provide timely information for officer safety and risk assessment.

Persons of Interest: Real-time searches against hotfile or persons of interest systems typically need a fast, and yet fuzzy search against identity attributes. IST's algorithms provide the right combination of finding the match, in the shortest time possible, and not returning false positives.

Intelligence: National Security and intelligence systems use IST technology to analyze and link identities using multiple attributes across various sources. These linked identities are then presented to case officers or analysts for further investigation and threat analysis. Additionally, IST products are used to match against watch lists for the purposes of screening and list maintenance.

Border Control: Visa issuing authorities use our technology to evaluate the risk of granting entry to an individual. Also, Immigration and Customs authorities use IST matching technology to screen individuals at port of entry against watch & alert lists.

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