Data Profiling Software for Data Discovery,Data Assessment,Data Analysis

Intelligent Search Technology will process your data through the standard CASS Certified address verification process to ensure accuracy before flagging deceased and currently incarcerated records. Names within your file that have a DOD (Date of Death) within the last 3 years or any addresses that match to an extensive database of over 10,000 correctional facilities will be flagged within the file.

Deceased and Prison Suppression is a cloud-based application which can be run from any computer, allowing organizations to check files quickly and easily.

Self-service Deceased & Prison Suppression technical requirements:

  • Accepts .txt or .csv file formats (delimited or fixed width)
  • Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • SaaS-based product runs data online and sends output within 48 hours

Prison and Deceased Suppression is only available for US addresses. Input files must include valid name and address information in order to match against the Prison and Deceased lists.

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