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Intelligent Search Technology's (IST) Products and Services Demonstrations

Give us a call to schedule a detailed product overview of any of our products & services. Our account managers will engage in a dialog with you to understand your organization's business & technical requirements.

One of our technical experts will provide an online walkthrough and a live demonstration of the relevant IST product. The demonstration will be tailored to the requirements that were discussed earlier with IST. Your team will also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the product, integration aspects, and business / technical challenges specific to your project.

The demos are typically conducted using web conferencing software and requires an internet connection and telephone access. Call us toll free at 1.800.287.0412 or email us at to schedule a demo.

If you would like a short introduction to the capabilities of our products, you can also avail yourself of the growing library of prerecorded demos. Currently the following prerecorded overviews / demonstrations are available:

MerlinMerge SpeedPro

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